Our in house Technicians and Engineers have years of experience in electronics.


From your mobile phones and tablets to laptops, desktops and much more.
We can get your device up and running to the latest available software with security protection included, make your device happy running clean, how the manufacturer intended it.


Most commonly, every day we replace screen’s on Mobile Phones, although this seems to be our primary job, it’s not our only skills.
Our experienced Technicians can replaces parts in your devices, including very small soldering repairs.

Water Damage.

It happens, just a drop of rain, or a dunk in the bath, electronics and liquids do not mix very well.
We recommend to disconnect the battery (if possible) as soon as possible to stop the power from shorting across the board, this will give it a little extra chance of being repaired, get it to us as soon as possible, you don’t need to pay up front, and sooner will be much more likely to be able to repair. If you wait to long, the board will be corroded and when we clean away the corrosion, it may wash away vital connections.

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