Android TV

Haave you have ever been offered a Smart TV over a normal TV but had to pay over £100 more for very limited access to the internet? Not anymore, with Android TV you can turn any normal TV into an android tv!


From Quad Core to Octa Core, 1GB of Ram to 4GB of Ram, what ever your requirements are, we can have you up and running in little time.

shield-android-tvnVidia Shield
Tegra 256 Core with a Maxwell GPU and 3GB of ram and much more!
A high spec system was USB 3.0, dual Wireless AC, Game controller and voice remote.
This is for the gamers, the ones who want to stream 1080p 60fps from desktop performance to their TV!

If you have one of these, you will most likely be streaming from nVidia Grid, and playing full desktop PC games.

x4-iconSumvision X8
8 Core Processor clocked at 1.5Ghz per core, with 1GB of Ram and 8GB built in storage.
These are perfect for most users, capable of running what the majority of people run on there phones, and able to run a wireless mouse and keyboard perfect for playing media even at 4K!

Sumvision X4+
4 Core processor clocked at 2.0Ghz per core, with 1GB of Ram and 8GB  built in storage.
With a much slimmer device body, this is a popular choice amoung many people, with even our staff using these.

Other Specifications
When choosing your device, be sure to check for better WiFi such as N or AC, this can cause huge problems in the speed of streaming.

USB Ports & Storage, often you may find that you need to connect additional storage to the device such as micro SD’s, but also keep in mind that your wireless mouse of keyboard may take up a USB port along with a webcam an additional port.


With Google Play Store installed, the applications that can be loaded are vast, but here are a few popular ones:

Kodi LogoKodi
One of the most popular requests from 9/10 customers asking for an android box, Kodi is an extremely powerful media player, allowing videos, music and pictures to be played from huge range of sources, such as YouTube or others places that we aren’t allowed to discuss here.

Want to Skype with your family and friends on the big screen, you can connect a USB webcam to your android box and speak to up-to 4 people at once!

netflixlogoNetflix, Sky Go, Showbox, Modbro and many more
There are a huge selection of applications out there already capable of streaming Movies and TV Shows from all over the world, in various languages.

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